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A picture tells a thousand words and in a seven minute video there are over 10,000 pictures so the communication power of video cannot not be underestimated. As a video maker I have long believed that good quality video production can be accessible to everyone, not just to oversized budgets and today's computer technology has made it possible.

Every story is different so our aim is to bring the technology to your project with a fresh slate; no preconceptions or formulas. I bring together skills in scripting, recording, editing and the web to to get the balance right; a personalized and cost effective service. Your story will evolve from recordings and concepts brought together with the full range of effects, music, interviews and scripting.

Horses For Courses - Target Audience Video

The genre Entity Media works with is target audience video. This very cost effective production style works within the values and knowledge Buyers Videoof a target audience who are already motivated to find out more about their subject. For example a video about home auctions and effective bidding strategies will be of great interest to a couple who want to buy a home that is up for auction.

Too often, video producers entertain at the expense of meaning. Target audience video is a genre with its own techniques and production values that strike a cost effective balance between information and entertainment. Ask us how we can work with your subject material and communicate information intensive messages that are relevant and interesting to your target audience.